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This must be the most exciting time to be alive. In one century the world has changed out of all recognition. And the momentum is building, propelling us into a radically different future.

As life changes for us all, can we use our collective imagination, wisdom and intelligence to forge a future for all Earth's creatures, that is positive, rich and brimming with potential?

Our hope is that we can all remember that we came, ultimately, from one source. That we are all related. Beyond the difficulties and differences of our individual lives there is a great work that needs to be done. A work that calls each one of us, with our different perspectives and insights, to pool our resources and look for real solutions - big and small. The work of our generation is probably more crucial than that of any that has gone before us.

We hope that Old Chapel Farm is a small contribution to this work, an exploration of possibilities.

Old Chapel Farm, Tylwch, Llanidloes, Powys  SY18 6JR   |   Telephone: 01686 412744   |   Email: franblockley@yahoo.co.uk

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