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What We Do

Old Chapel Farm is a working farm, but freed from the restraints of commercial farming (we have a business as well for income), we are able to be less intensive and more experimental. We grow to feed the people who come here, selling only some excess  meat and honey.  We spend a lot of time on projects that restore the biodiversity of the land.

We always have an ongoing building project. We have restored the 17th century farmhouse and barns, are completing the chapel renovation and have reconstructed an 18th century barn for crafts.

Old Chapel Farm is a place where strangers come together and different cultures meet. Through living and working together, volunteers are able to appreciate the complex interactions between people, animals, climate and land involved in food production. And hopefully make deeper connections.

While we aim to produce as much of the food that we eat here as possible, teaching people to be more self sufficient and practical is seen as the greater goal.

We run courses in prehistoric arts, hire out a couple of yurts and sometimes disappear on a fascinating archaeological project. No day or year is ever the same, much is unexpected , land and seasons are deeply felt.

To get a glimpse of life on the farm click on the TREE OF LIFE


Old Chapel Farm, Tylwch, Llanidloes, Powys  SY18 6JR   |   Telephone: 01686 412744   |   Email: franblockley@yahoo.co.uk

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